Mountain Travel Nepal

In 1964 the renowned British mountaineer, Lt. Col. Jimmy Roberts, founded Mountain Travel Nepal, It was the first registered trekking company in the world. It has an unsurpassed reputation for quality and service. The attention to detail offered by Mountain Travel Nepal from the very inception of planning for a trek or expedition, until its fulfilment, is possible only with the expertise, professionalism and detailed planning that is carried out by the Mountain Travel office staff. Once in the field, it is the excellent and friendly service given by the Sherpas employed, whether they are looking after guests on a short trek or supporting the most complex climbing expedition.

Mountain Travel arranges treks for families, individuals, small groups of friends and large parties organized by travel agents, clubs or schools. Treks last from a few days to a month or more. All treks are designed to meet the wishes of Mountain Travel's guests and can range in difficulty from easy low altitude walks, to demanding routes that involve high altitude and crossing of mountain passes. Guided climbs and alpine 'treks' can be arranged to passes and peaks from 18,000ft to the 'roof of the world'.

Specialized treks, focusing on anthropology, ornithology, botany, entomology or photography, are also a particular speciality of Mountain Travel. Monsoon treks can be arranged on request but the usual trekking season runs from October to May.


Below is a list of the various types of treks available with Mountain Travel Nepal.

Full Support Treks

Full Support treks provide a charming angle to trekking in the Himalayas. Accommodation is in the form of luxury tents, which are put up at the end of each day by Mountain Travel's expert porters who carry the equipment from place to place throughout the trek with the help of pack animals. 3-course meals are prepared and cooked for you by our trained chefs that accompany you on your trek. Fresh supplies of vegetables, eggs and meat are purchased locally wherever available. Warm water is provided for washing in the mornings and evenings.

Full Support Group Treks & Expeditions

We have several tours, treks and expeditions that we offer on a fixed departure basis. These trips are joined by trekkers from all around the world and are normally in groups of three to ten participants. Most of the trips are guaranteed to operate even with only two persons and without affecting the cost.

Tailor-made Full Support Treks

Mountain Travel Nepal designs personalised itineraries for individuals, families, and small groups of friends wishing to trek alone with full support services and at a different time from our fixed departure dates

Full-arrangement Tea House Treks

A number of people who trek the more popular routes prefer to combine sleeping in tea houses (which provide dormitories and private rooms) with our renowned guiding services. Those wishing to do a tea-house trek will be provided with a guide as well as a porter for your personal belongings and sleeping bags. Accommodation will be reserved at appropriate teahouses along the route. Meals are taken in various rest houses along the way.

Part-arrangement Tea House Treks

In the off season, we also arrange guide and porter support for the more independent-minded trekker. We set you on your way with one of our experienced guides and a porter to carry your equipment.

Recreational Climbing

Today, many of the smaller Himalayan peaks can be successfully climbed by recreational mountaineers on a relatively short holiday expedition. Considering the distances one must fly, the costs can be quite reasonable, and a small expedition to Nepal need no longer be an impossible dream. We organise short-duration expeditions to a number of 20,000-foot Himalayan peaks

Film Location Service

For film and television production companies wishing to film in the Himalayas or the Indian subcontinent, we, together with our sister company Adventure Travel Nepal, can handle all the arrangements. The BBC, Central TV, Yorkshire TV, The Discovery Channel, Survival Anglia, Bernardo Bertolucci and Cathay Pacific have all had their arrangements handled by us.

School Expeditions

We also offer a complete Himalayan treks & expedition service to schools. We can advise on the appropriate region and destination in the Himalayas to suit the school's objectives. We will handle all the arrangements, supplying detailed itineraries, comprehensive information booklets and equipment lists.

Special Interest Treks

Many individuals or organizations want to arrange a special interest trek which is precisely tailored to suit their particular interest. These trips might be culturally orientated or specifically for bird watching and the like. Together with our associate companies, we are also able to provide trek leaders with expert knowledge on specific subjects.

Quid Pro Quo for Trekking

It is up to the trekker as to what sort of trek he/she would like to do and this can be discussed with Tiger Mountain's expert team of advisors when you come to book your trek. Trekking does involve an element of fitness and obviously, the more strenuous the trek, the better it is to be fit. People of all ages, standards and abilities trek through the Himalayas – whatever your specifications, Tiger Mountain can fulfil them